Cabinet of Curiosities collection: Where artistry and fascination converge


Prepare to embark on a journey of wonder and intrigue as North & Nether proudly unveil the captivating Cabinet of Curiosities wallpaper collection. Inspired by the enigmatic Renaissance-era cabinets of curiosities, this extraordinary collection of wallpapers promises to transform your living spaces into realms of fascination and discovery.

The Cabinet of Curiosities collection draws from the rich history of those magical chambers filled with rare and eclectic objects from around the world. Discover a diverse array of motifs that range from exotic botanical illustrations, meticulously detailed anatomical sketches, and whimsical maps charting unexplored territories. Rich, deep colours and intricate patterns are interwoven with intricate line work to create an immersive and mysterious atmosphere.

Whether you desire the mystique of a natural history museum, the allure of an alchemist's laboratory, or the charm of a far-flung explorer's study, the Cabinet of Curiosities collection invites you to curate your own realm of fascination. 

Bones is a hauntingly beautiful homage to the macabre and the mysterious, drawing inspiration from the eerie yet fascinating Capuchin Church in Rome. At first glance, it exudes the aura of a vintage pattern, but upon closer inspection, its true nature is revealed – an intricate composition of skeletal forms set against a dark, tone-on-tone background.

Alchemy is a spellbinding fusion of artistry and mysticism, invoking the spirit of ancient alchemical manuscripts. This captivating wallpaper features a palette dominated by neutral tones with hints of ochre and showcasing meticulously detailed handwritten scribbles and drawings.

Entomology is a whimsical and enchanting tribute to the world of insect collecting. This captivating wallpaper offers a playful twist on the tradition of entomology, featuring an array of beautifully rendered beetles in a kaleidoscope of vibrant, multicoloured hues.

Plume is a captivating blend of simplicity and elegance that evokes the ethereal beauty of nature's most delicate creations. This exquisite wallpaper captures the essence of serenity with its white feather pattern set against a soothing neutral background. 

Finally, our Bell Jar design is a mesmerising tribute to the art of collecting and cataloguing the world's most enigmatic objects. Each bell jar houses a unique artefact, from exotic seashells and delicate taxidermy specimens to intricately crafted mechanical instruments and entomological wonders. 








Our Cabinet of Curiosities collection is a tribute to the spirit of exploration and wonder that has captivated humanity for centuries. Explore the collection today and bring the spirit of curiosity and wonder into your home. The collection is available to order now.



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