Introducing the Caged Bird collection


North & Nether’s newest luxury wallpaper collection, Caged Bird, is now available. The sixth collection in our catalogue, Caged Bird features vintage bird illustrations with a trademark North & Nether twist.

Pigeon Wallpaper Room Design


Birds, biophilic design, and maximalism are everywhere. According to Megan Slack at Homes & Gardens, bird motifs are trending because they represent freedom, optimism, and the ability to escape. The Caged Bird collection takes inspiration from these trends and reimagines them with birds in captivity, including elements both vintage and modern.

Four of the designs in the collection feature a different species of bird in a cage - either real or metaphorical. Magpie and Pigeon are more traditional patterns, while Rifle and Roller have more modern lines. 








Magpie has the namesake bird flying amid irises, seemingly aware of the mesh cage which surrounds them. Look closely in Pigeon, and you will see leg bands on a few of the birds.

Rifle has a vibrant teal background with a modern gate illustration - with other flora and fauna around, the birds look to find freedom. Roller is a linear barbed wire print with the bird guarding its eggs.

Feather, a supporting pattern, is a dense motif of abstract feathers in the collection’s signature teal colour.

We love teal as the focal point of the collection - a timeless colour which, according to colour psychology expert Karen Haller on The Design Sheppard, evokes feelings of tranquillity, calm, peace, and balance - a direct contrast to the feelings of being held captive.

The vivid teal feathers of the rifle and roller carry this hue through the collection, balanced with black, greys and beiges to make the designs more versatile. The cages arrived naturally through the creative process, in a desire to add something unexpected to a familiar motif.

 The Caged Bird collection is available to order now.

Rifle Room Mockup


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