New French Kiss collection is a fusion of elegance and nature's beauty


North & Nether is thrilled to introduce its latest wallpaper collection, French Kiss, which exudes opulence and brings the beauty of nature into your living spaces. Inspired by traditional French florals, the collection showcases five mesmerising designs, each capturing a unique essence that will transform any room into a haven of sophistication.

Botanique, the epitome of moody glamour and botanical opulence, enchants with its dense monochromatic fruit and leaf print set against a rich dusky blue ground. This captivating wallpaper unveils intricate details, creating a tapestry of grandeur and mystery.

Fleurie, a timeless masterpiece drawn from toile designs, captivates with its blue and white floral pattern. Delicate blossoms unfold across the wallpaper, immersing your space in style and grace.

Printemps, a vibrant and print, instantly elevates any room with its delightful combination of sunny stripes and a whimsical bouquet of florals. Tulips, blue, white, and pink blooms, and a juicy pomegranate grace this design, bringing a burst of cheerfulness to  home.

Moineau, a subtle print of nature-inspired serenity, charms with its gentle and soothing aura. Birds and butterflies adorn the blush background, while leaves intertwine with pincushion flowers.

Jardin effortlessly bridges the gap between the outdoors and indoors, offering a serene oasis within your living space. Its lush green background serves as a refreshing canvas, while graceful florals bloom across the design, infusing life into every corner of your room.



This French-inspired wallpaper collection combines the allure of nature's beauty with a touch of elegance, providing an exquisite background for your interiors. Each design tells a unique story, evoking a sense of enchantment and sophistication. The French Kiss collection is available to order now.


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