Your Latest Obsession: New Monomania Wallpaper Collection


Step into a world of striking contrasts with the launch of our latest wallpaper collection, crafted to transform your interiors with timeless elegance. Introducing Monomania, where black and white transcend mere colours to embody a refined aesthetic. Each pattern in this collection is meticulously designed to celebrate simplicity and sophistication, inviting you to embrace the beauty of monochrome in every line and shadow.

Featuring five meticulously crafted patterns, our latest collection transforms any space with a touch of elegance and a hint of the extraordinary. Designed for those who seek sophisticated beauty and captivating artistry, this offering promises to make a lasting impression, inviting you to infuse your home with timeless charm and artistic flair.

Hysteria features swirling branch-like patterns that draw you into a vortex of creativity, infusing energy and depth into your space. 

Fetish captivates with striking black and white contrast and symmetrical designs that evoke a sense of intense desire and bold sophistication.

Mercurial breathes life into your interiors and celebrates the beauty of unpredictability, with elegant, hand-drawn geometric motifs.

Vapours is a captivating black and white pattern that consumes your every thought, blending flowing organic shapes with intricate bubble-like circles.

Melancholia has an elegant and flowing design, reminiscent of traditional arabesque motifs infused with a delicate watercolour-like effect.



Explore the Monomania wallpaper collection today and experience the enchantment of black and white simplicity. The collection is available to order now.

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